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I am an independent researcher with a passion for learning who is currently transitioning to a career as an operations research and data scientist. I'm seeking to apply my skills to provide objective insights into optimal business operations.

After graduating with a PhD in Operations Research from North Carolina State University, I co-authored peer-reviewed academic papers in some of the top journals in the field of Operations Research. Upon graduation, I took the opportunity to have the freedom and time for research and learning a broad range of topics including Linux administration, python programming, machine learning, investing, entrepreneurship, and pure mathematics, as well as Operations Research.

Prior to being an independent researcher, I held a number of positions. I worked as a graduate research assistant when I was a PhD student. I was an Operations Research Analyst at Intel Corporation while working on my dissertation dealing with semiconductor manufacturing and decision making under uncertainty. My research also included appointment scheduling in the health care industry. I was also an Operations Research Analyst for a consulting firm in the defense industry, where I worked for clients in the Navy, Air Force, Homeland Security, and NASA.

I also graduated from from the University of Cincinnati with a BA in Physics and BS in Mathematics. I was fortunate to receive a number of awards during my academic career, including merit-based scholarships, fellowships, and assistantships, which funded my undergraduate and graduate education. I had the privilege of working with many great people in the past. While working in consulting, two teams I worked on were given Outstanding Team Service awards. I'm also a member of the NCSU Alumni Association.